Annie and Paige Visit

Wow!  We were so busy I had no time to write. 

Friday: went to SunSplash with Paige and Miranda.  That was fun. The girls had a blast and ann and I got to sit and talk all day. Yea!

Saturday: Paige spent the night with Miranda. They went to see "Kicking and Screaming" and had lots of fun.  Ann and I went shopping for a new dress for her. Then we ate appetizers at Fridays (like old times), and went to the beach. It was sooo much fun.

Sunday: Ann, Barry, and I went to the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. It was hot! We got to see egrets, gators, lots of butterflies, and tons of flowers. It was good.  Then we picked up Miranda and Paige and they swam all afternoon.  Dinner with mom at Rib City, off to the beach, then Maggie Moes.

Monday: I went into work for a little bit. Then it was off to Tin City for more shopping. There was swimming, cooking appetizers and playing games.  We picked up Miranda and she spent the night with Paige at our house. 

Tuesday: We took Miranda and Paige to The Shell Factory and to King Richards (Arthurs for some). They played for hours. Ann and I got to sit and talk (YEA)

Wed:  THEY HAD TO GO HOME!.  I cried most of the day.

Photos to come.


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