Good News Bad News

On One had, today is good. We leave for Vegas tomorrow! YEA!  On the other hand, today is bad.  Barry found out last night he has been made the subject in another investigation.  Yet another inmate, with lots of time on his hands, has had his "brother" file a complaint against a bunch of deputies.  Hot himself, his brother!  Is his brother in Jail you ask? No, no he is not.  But in this wonderful world where inmates have more rights than the deputies, inmates and apparently their families can file any complaint against any deputy they like.  Then the investigation must begin.  This one is so nothing it isn’t even funny.  There was no use of force, nothing.  But apparently the inmate wants out of jail (who would have thunk that) and is telling his family horror stories.  So, barry can not transfer to YRD until this investigation ends. Since the department that handles the investigations has so many they must work on all the time, resolving this one will take months.  So Barry is stuck in the jail for who knows how much longer. And of course while he waits for this one to end another inmate can deside to play "lets mess with the deputies lives".  Whatever. We are going on vacation tomorrow! YEA!

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