Night Before Vegas

Twas the  night before Vegas
and all through the house
Little Johnny was getting ready for his flight into space.
He wanted out of the house.
The suitcases were all packed
by the front door with care
And Little Johnny remembered to pack his underwear.
When out on the lawn I heard such a clatter
I knew in a flash it must have been that nome from Travelocity
"Travelocity" I say.  Not Orbitz or Priceline.
"Anyone for me" said Johnny.  "Anyone will be fine.
His cheeks were so rose
his belly didn’t shake at all
but he limped when he walked
he only had one ball.
On Mom, on Barbara, Kathy and Heather
Go Steph and Ed. The more the better.
On Annie and Piage and Barry and Sharon
Now dash away, dash away to Las vegas heaven
and you shall hear us exclaim as we fly
into the night,
Happy Vegas wedding to all and to all a good night

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