Vegas – Day 1

We arrived in Vegas around 11am on Friday, August 12th.  It was soooo crowded at the airport. It took us quite a bit of time to get to the baggage area.  Then the people wouldn’t let us near the belt.  Tons of passengers crowded around and would not let even one of us through. So we stood back.  AFter approximately 20 minutes, some bags started to arrive.  The bags from our flight took about another 20 minutes to appear.  However, not ours.  It was a while later before we saw ours (we finally got a spot at the belt by then).  However, I watched as another family picked up each one of our bags and tried to take them.  I couldn’t believe it since I had our names BLAZENED on the top of each bag in silver sharpie.  Whatever, I wedged my way toward them and kindly told them that they had our bags.  They just stared at me.  I explained "those are our bags." again, just blank stares…then it seemed to dawn on them as I grabbed my bags back from them. They said "OHHHH, we thought they were ours".  As our last bag came around the belt, I was in awe as this same family (now standing right next to me) again grabbed our bag!  I grabbed it back and said "once again….ours"  thanks
Whew, finally we could leave the airport.  I didn’t know at that time that this would again be a feat made for superhumans.  The line to get a shuttle was quite long, so we asked if there was a better way to get to our hotel.  We were informed to take a taxi.  We go back across the baggage claim area and head for the Taxi area on the East side of the building.  There is a very long line there like one you would have waiting for the most amazing roller coaster in all the world.  I ask "is this a line for taxis?" I am informed that it is.  We must get in this line that snakes back and forth for quite a distance.  We are told it will take about 30 minutes to go through this line. So we go through the line.  Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  Sorry, getting ill typing this.  Oh well. We do get our cab and get to the hotel quickly.
Next it is time to check in.  Guess what?  Yes, you got it another line.  Tons of them.  All very very long.  We must get in one to check in. So we do. Another 30 minutes.  But we get our rooms.  Now on to the elvators.  Guess What?  Well, you get the idea.  Lots of lines here and people too.
By the time we have checked in, it is just about time to go back to the airport to pick up my sister Barbara.  And what do we get to do??? The whole thing again. But luckily, Barry decides to rent a big 15 passenger van and we take her back to the hotel in that. No taxi lines.  No registration line either as she is staying in moms room and that is already done.  Yea!  We get to just have a nice time. We gambled a little and rested.  Mom fell asleep at 5pm. 
Back to the airport at 10:30 to pick up sister Kathy.  We had it down by then. Not much waiting and we had "shamu" by then.  (that is the name we gave the big van).
Day one ends.

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