Vegas – Day 2

Mom was up super early (5:00am) – but remember, she is the one who went to bed at 5:00pm the night before!  Woke us all up so we could go to breakfast with her.  We went to a place called "the Pepper Mill" it was all purple inside and really neat looking.  And Breakfast was Fantastic!  Good pick Barry.
Then we took the girls back to the hotel so they could gamble and Barry and I went to pick up Ed, Steph, Miranda, Andrew, Annie and Paige. Whew!  We had the hang of the airport this time.  However, Steph and Ed had a little mishap with a suitcase, ripping, and undergarments all over the conveyor belt.  Ooops.
We take everyone back to the hotel so they can shower and rest. Then we head out to food.  Later is a trip up to the stratosphere to get tickets for the rides on the top of the tower.  The ride up the strip took over 1 hour!  It was only 3 miles!  We had a blast in the car though. Lots of laughing.  By the time we got to the tower, it was too late to ride, but we got our tickets for the next day.
Then, back to the hotel to pick up wonderful, marvelous,  BARBARA (the favorite),  mom and kathy to go to "O".  Great show! Loved it.  The synchronized swimming, diving, acrobats, they were all amazing!  Barry even liked it.  After the show we saw the water show in front of the bellagio.  That was very nice.
Once we got back to the hotel, we did a little gamling and then on to bed.  Wedding info tomorrow!

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