Grand Canyon – Day 4

On our last day in Vegas, We did a "rode trip"  to the Grand Canyon.  Picture this…12 people all getting up early, showering, dressing, eating, and loading up in a "shamu" van to do a 5 hour rode trip.  COOL!  IT was so much fun.  We laughed and laughed all the way there.  Kinda like that little piggy that went wee wee wee all the way home…but I digress.
We saw some amazing sights on the way to the canyon.  Mountains were lovely. We even got to stop at Hoover dam for some pictures.  That thing is HUGE. 
Then a stop for breakfast/lunch about 1/2 way to the canyon.  We also rode a little bit on Route 66 due to a necessary Andrew Change.  Man that boy can drop one.  You have never seen 12 people pile OUT of a "shamu" van so quickly.
We got to the grand canyon around 1pm.  Words or pictures can not do this place justice.  I won’t even try.  All I will say is "WAY TO GO GOD!"
We enjoyed 4 hours there.  Heather and Kathy hiked.  The rest of us rode the wrong bus for a while.  What a hoot grandma can be when she is hot and tired.
Then we had a lovely lunch at the Bright angel lodge.  The Waiter had a little trouble looking Heather in the eye.  Couldn’t even remember the question for her about whether she wanted ‘fries’ with her sandwich.  Even though the same waiter had just asked 11 other people that same question.  Hmmmmmmm, we are in trouble with that girl.
At 5pm, back in Shamu and back to Vegas.  We got back to the hotel around 9pm. A much quieter ride back.  Once we got back, Heather, Barry and I walked the strip for a while and enjoyed some of the sites.  Those strange men handing out those cards with those women on them kinda freaked me out though.

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