D.A.R.E. School

I went to visit Barry in Orlando this weekend. We spent Saturday looking for gifts for his "group".  The 36 students are in groups of 6.  His group is the "green" group.  Other members have brought in Green mugs, and candy that was green, etc. to help motivate and make the group work as a team.  We found these really cute Green beenie baby bears.  Say that 5 times fast.  They had a US flag on the foot, florida flag on them, and on the back it said "they sunshine state".  They were cute. Unfortunately, the store had only 4, we needed 7. One for each team member, and one for their mentor or teacher of that team.  So, the owner let us know she had another store about 5 miles away, so off we went.  And, we found 3 more! Yea!
Otherwise, it was a busy weekend, we had dinner with donna, lyle, and adam at the Polynesian resort for lyle’s birthday. It was very nice.
Sunday we spent the day working on Barry’s presenation for Tuesday.  He basically has to teach one of the D.A.R.E. classes in front of his group and they will video tape him and critique him. His topic is Tobacco.  He did a lot of research, and reading, and practicing.  He will do great!  I’m so very proud of him.
He had all the cards and letters he has received on his desk. He said it is helping motivate him and not feel so lonely up there for these 2 weeks.
I was sick most all weekend, not able to hold down much food. But that is ok, I can live off some fat for a while.  I will Loose Weight Joyfully and Effortlessly.  That is my montra every day now. Several times a day. We shall see if it works. I’ll keep you posted.
Flew home last night to some very cute puppes.  They must have missed me because they both tried to crawl inside me.  Even the cat wanted attention.  Very strange.
Well, it was a great weekend. I felt like a jetsetter.  Thank you to Southwest for the $29 special from Ft. Myers to Orlando! Woo hoo!
bye bye

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