Crap! Another hurricane. I’m so tired of Hurricanes. Is the world coming to an end? Really folks, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes more devistating than ever, fires, it is all here. I hope Dad isn’t calling it quits on us yet. But it is universe so who am I to tell him what to do?
We are awaiting the arrival of Wilma here in Naples.  They (who are they anyway?) keep saying we are going to get it, we are in the cone of uncertainty (is that anything like the cone of Silence from Get Smart?) .  We have to prepare, we need to board up and be ready. Some places are already evacuating.  I have my supplies, water, food, gas, etc. I hope we can board up in time. Barry isn’t home yet to do that. When he gets home he will have to work.  Folks out there….whoever you are, remember the men and women who work during these storms to protect you.  They have families too, but we don’t get to have them when the chips are down. You do. They patrol your streets, take you to safety, and offer you assistance.
Well, I suppose we will be spending the weekend "HUNKERING DOWN"  boy do I hate that phrase. 
I hope to keep this posted as long as I can this weekend. All depends on the weather and power.

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