They say by sundown we will begin to feel some very strong winds.  Then overnight and into tomorrow, it will get worse fast.  I’m definately worried, but find keeping busy helps a lot.  I have to run to work now to shut down the network, then pick up mom.
I have propane now for the grill so we can have some warm food while we have no electricity. I wonder what this town will look like on Tuesday.

One response to “Update

  1. HELLO!My mom sent me the link to your blog! I am so happy to see that you are both doing well! I am in my second year at green Mountain college, and I am working toward a degree sociology/anthropohy! Things are going great here in VT and I really hope that I can see you both soon! I now LOVE the Simpsons and watch it all the time, I am slowing gaining a collection of the seasons on DVD. I got into rock climbing this summer, and I just had my one year with my boyfriend Chris that also goes here. Life is good, the now will be coming soon! AWWW not sure if I am ready for that! well if you want to email I am at pottera@greenmtn.edu, i hope to hear from you both soon! I miss you guys! Loveashley

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