Cat tales

This was quite entertaining.  I went home at lunch on Tuesday of this week. nothing entertaining about that. However, it gets better.  I opened the lanai door for the cat and one of the dogs to go out by the pool.  I then went to make my lunch in the kitchen.  The other dog stayed by my side in the event something from one of the food groups happened to make it out of my hands and into her mouth.  All of a sudden, we heard this skuffle from the living room that sounded much like two animals chasing each other.  When I went to the living room to check on Cat and Dog, I found the dog just standing there like he was quite innocent (which means he is not).  I then noticed a trail of a lot of water in the lving room.  I saw that it came from the pool, into the living room and went into the bedroom.  I followed said trail of water.  At the end of the trail I found a very wet, very ugly, very ticked off cat. 
Since there were no witnesses, I have two stories to believe.  Cat: The DOG pushed me!  Dog: The CAT fell!
What is a mohter to do.

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