New Washer and Dryer

The new Washer and Dryer are here!  Barry was so excited I think he giggled for 20 minutes while they were unloading them.  He then proceeded to lay down in front of them to watch the washer work. It is so quite he literally got down in front of it to be sure it was doing something.  It was! It washes beautifully.  So quiet, so little water, but so clean. And they don’t come out all crumpled. It treats clothes like china.  It is so careful with them. So much fun to use.  Ok, my life is to the point where a washer and dryer are really really exciting.  But many of you are reading this going…I wish I had a new washer and dryer. Aren’t you? I hear you.
It is the LG front loading, high capacity washer and dryer.  So very very cool. You gotta get em.

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