Great Birthday

Went to the Sanctuary for my birthday on Friday. Good trip!  Saw baby barred owls, baby Pileated Woodpecker, Some huge gators, tons of birds.  It was fun.
Went to dinner at Iguana Mia with mom, barry, dennis and linda.  Then they took us to their house, followed by a trip to their McDonalds.  They are quite proud of how they remodled it and I can tell why. It is the most lovely McDonalds I have ever been to.  Good Job.
Saturday we spent resting for the most part. Then dinner at Marys. She actually cooked. A lot.  We had steak, stuffed shells, Shrimp Salad, home-made pierogies, sausage, home-made bread, cake, and more that I can’t even remember. It was a good time.
Then Sunday was Andrew’s first birthday. I will be posting pictures soon. He is such a cutie.

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