I was sick for much of the weekend, but it was still a great time.  My nephew Mike was able to get Sock on video getting the beer out of the fridge and bringing it to barry. YEA.  I took lots of pictures of flowers.  We watched 4 movies. I slept. I took the dogs to the dog park. I got some laundry done, cleaned a little. Spent time outside just enjoying the absolutely fantastic weather.  Woo Hoo.

One response to “Sick

  1. Hello and greetings from Qingdao China. Here i work as an ESL teacher at a  private high school. Not bad teh discovered what is bad may not be that bad after all. I really enjoyed going through your blog and pics wow nice. I do not have the opportunity to discuss much with Americans and only one Canadian here with me. Our city yes, indeed many foreigners but live on the outskirts of this city and go between the dorm and the school every day. So found this and have added my own blog maybe you can see it.

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