What the heck

First thing I wish to say is, I have a strange dog.  I purchased Ceaser’s Way (dog whisperer book). It was in the bedroom. I was on the couch soaking my cat bite finger.  I heard a strange noise (perhaps chomping) coming from the bedroom. I look around. I count 1 dog. hmmmm. Where is Sock? The dog, not an actual sock.  I sneak into the bedroom, so I can catch her in the act.  And boy do I catch her.  She has the Dog Whisperer book in her mouth and she is eating it!  So much for that.  I guess she didn’t want me to find out how to treat her likc a dog.
So, as if getting bit by a cat isn’t bad enough…try slamming that finger in a door.  Geez. So, I was going out to feed Clyde some corn (the duck), and I closed my finger, just the bad finger in the garage door. It hit my finger exactly and I mean exactly on the bites. Top and bottom of course. Cue the Blood curdling scream. Cue the swear words. Fade to Black.
When I came out of my daze, and regained some control, I took some major pain meds, and felt somewhat ok. Still hurt like crazy, but I didn’t seem to care anymore.

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