So much to learn. So little time.  Classes are about 1.25 hours long.  I take as many in a day as I can.  I have seen Vista, Exchange 2007, Longhorn, Office 2007, Outlook, Project Server, FRX, and more.  Classes are great. Meeting more techies.  We discuss what works and what doesn’t in our organizations.  Windows Mobile not getting good grades around here. Most everyone still on Blackberry.
Women in Technology Luncheon today. Will get to talk to more people in jobs similar to myself. And discuss how it is nice to see such lines at the men’s rooms.  HEEHEE
Dogs are misbehaving while we are here. Pulling toward other dogs while on walks.  Gotta talk to them guys.
Today I will study more for my test.  I am done around 3:30 today. Finally, not a late night.  I may actually see some sights today. Perhaps the Freedom trail.
Last night we ate at a place named Jae’s.  Korean food. EXCELLENT Balgogi! Best Ever.
More later.

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