Fenway Park

I have to admit it, I’m not really a baseball fan. But when I heard the party at Tech-ed this year was at Fenway Park, I knew I had to invite a couple of Redsox fans I know.  I thought they would enjoy it.  BOY was I right.  I totally enjoyed the evening because of the comments of my nephews, niece, and their friend Brian.  Some random comments made by them throughout the evening include the following:
"You have GOT to be kidding me!, Are you kidding me? We are on the field in Fenway man!"
"we really are"
"I’ve got goosebumps"
"Look where we are? I can’t believe this!"
"I’m standing on Holy ground!"
"we are in the dugout, shit….we are sitting in the dugout!"
"this is awesome"
"pinch me"
"this is without a doubt the best day in my life"
We got to walk around the field, hit baseballs in the batting cages, go to the VIP areas, go into the dugout, touch and have pictures taken with the world series trophy, eat any food they had available, and go just about anywhere.
Oh, and there was a concert by Train. That was nice too.
If you want to check out the photos taken of us by the Redsox fanfoto group, go to
www.redsox.com/fantoto and look for the Tech-ed link. Our photos are Number 11, and 40-45 I think.

One response to “Fenway Park

  1. Because we are HUGE Red Sox fans, we envy your pictures and wish we were there! We have been to games at Fenway many times, but never got to walk on the sacred ground!! Go Sox!

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