Random Stuff

Good week. Getting lots done at work. Working out every night. That is really beginning to pay off. I have so much more energy. 
Trying out the Dog Whisperer’s techniques with the furry kids. Working like a charm. Love that man. Thank you Cesaer!  They behave so much better.
Went to WalMart this morning before work to pick up a VCR for the board room at work. While there, I also got some bird seed for my wild birds.  As I was walking to the car, I noticed 2 ducks standing next to my car.  As I got closer, they just kept staring at me. Like they knew what I just bought.  No, not the VCR…
I open the trunk. They don’t move away, the come closer.  Staring at me. Their little duck eyes boring into my back. "OK OK" I said as I opened a bag of the corn.  I put it on the ground and they began feasting.  I could have sworn I heard them exclaim as I drove out of sight.."There is one born every minute"

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