Too long

It has been much too long since I added to this blog…or so I hear.
Barry’s gum (doublemint) surgery went well. He kept me busy for a few days, but all is well now.  My sister went to Pittsburgh for her high school reunion. Not that matters in my life, but what she found when she went home was too funny.  My niece (her daughter) had gone camping. In a corn field she found a puppy. Cutest little thing ever! Next to Buster.  So my sister doesn’t want another dog. But it already has a name, a cage, a leash, dog toys, and is sleeping with my niece (her daughter).  My sister asks me to tell the family they can’t keep the dog! HA! right. The thing is cute. I think I will attach a picture of the pup. So cute.
Anyway, back to me. Always a good subject.  Weekend was very busy. Took mom shopping, took a friend shopping. But had fun doing both.  Sunday I worked in the yard for hours. Boy was that hot. But I got out the old flowers, cleaned the bird feeders, squirrel feeders, and bird baths.
Went to see Superman…a let down to say the least. I am no critic so I can’t tell you exactly what wasn’t right, but it wasn’t right. Didn’t feel the chemistry, action, suspence, and fun that I did on others.  The kid looks a lot like Christopher Reeve though. That was cool.
Fourth of July was fun. Hot, but fun.  I got a new raft for the pool. My plan was to just lay in the pool most of the day. I went to they gym to walk/run my 3.2 miles first. Then to the store. Before I knew it, it was noon! Off to the pool. I get on my nice new raft.  Relaxing, looking at the sky, watching the birds at my feeders (wood peckers, cardinal, blue jay, gackles, thatchers, squirrels – not technically a bird).  Then, my world is turned upside down…literally.
Sock has decided SHE wants to be on the raft. She, not so gently, pushes me off the raft, and climbs on. So much for the dog whiserping.  She got on, looking quite content, so I left her there. She stayed on it for quite a while too. I felt like I should have gotten her an umbrella drink. She only got off when I started to grill the hamburgers.  She has priorities you know!
Mom and I went to see "The Devil Wears Prada" later that day. That was cute and I would recommend it.  Then dinner at Steak and Shake. We wanted to see fireworks, but the ones at sugdeon, didn’t start on time and I had to get to bed. So home it was.  Long day, but great time.

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