How could I forget!

My brother, Brother-in-law, and 2 nephews went golfing on Saturday before the party.  My brother has been golfing for over 30 years.  Faithfully. Every week. Sometimes more than once a week. He is a very good golfer. Loves the game.  My Brother-in-law (Ron), has been golfing maybe 20 times in his whole life. Hasn’t even been golfing in over 10 years. But he wanted to play, so they all went out for a quick game before the party.
Well, the call came in to Kathy’s Cell phone around 11:30am Saturday.  "What?" I hear her say. "He did what?" "You’re kidding!"  "Is he mad?"  Now, I am wodering what is going on.  Then she turns to me and says "Ron got a Hole in One and your brother isn’t happy.  Heehee.  Ron who hasn’t golfed in over 10 years gets a hole in one.  Oh my.  We were so excited for him, but also a little worried.  Matt and Paul (the avid golfers) didn’t say much about that game later.  Not much at all.
but we have this to say "CONGRATULATIONS RON!"

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