Dog Trainer

The dog traner we contacted came by the house last night.  We wanted as many professional dog people to check Buster as possible to try to find out what snapped in him.  We had the vet check, then this dog training, then Animal Control will come by too.

So, dog trainer got to the house at 7:00pm. He is about 65, wrinkly, smells like smoke, and all-together tough looking.

He meets Buster, we talk about what happened, then we take Buster outside on the leash. He proceeds to walk Buster. Buster heels. Just like he always does for us. He stays right with the guy. Never pulling.

Then we ask the neighbors with a yappy dog to bring out their dog on a leash by their house and let Buster walk by. They didn’t want to do it, but finally agreed. (they were afraid of Buster). So the guy walks Buster by the house and the other dog is Yapping, and Buster just walks by without even looking at the other dog.

We tested him with loud noises, other dogs barking by him, cars, etc. He never stopped heeling. He didn’t pull, lunge, nothing. So that was $75 wasted. The trainer said it was just a fluke. However, the neighbors are all talking about us, want us to put Buster down, and basically hate us now. Quite fun around our house.


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