Nothing new

What to blog about???hmmmm…
Well, Had a lovely dinner on Saturday with friends. Good italian food. Loved it.
Went shopping with mom which was fun.  Ran a ton of errands on Sunday, not as much fun. Go figure.
I think the best part was digging in a hole for our neighbor trying to find her propane tank gauge.  That was dirty.  HEY! A dirty job for Mike Rowe.  I love that show. I think it may be because I seem to have a thing for Mike Rowe.  The show is ok, but he is so funny and cute.
Going to dive with sharks for our anniversary this year. Perhaps that will keep us from having another anniversary. Didn’t think of that.  And I think I know what I want for Christmas…Dive lessons.  Scuba adventures are across the street from here, and I always look longingly at it.  So I will ask for them this year.  I love the water! That would be a lot of fun to do!
Ok, that is all my news.  Take care and enjoy your day.

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