Whales and Sharks

What a great weekend!  Our 21st Anniversary weekend did not disappoint.  Arrived in Orlando around 10pm. Didn’t do anything but go to sleep. Saturday we got up and had a great breakfast at the hotel. Then it was time to Deep Dive with Sharks at Sea World.  It was fantastic. Pictures will be posted soon.  The people in the Sharks restaurant and the tube in the Sharks exepetion thought we were stars!  The sharks were right up to the cage. You could count the teeth in those puppies!  The saw tooth fish was so close we could see right into his mouth.  Absolutely amazing.
Saturday evening we drove to Ocala to have dinner with our old friends Gary and Phyllis.  We ate at the BoneFish grill. Excellent food and company.  Dessert at their house with a lovely slide show of their trip to branson.  They took a ton of pictures at restaurants. 
Sunday I slept most all day as I wasn’t feeling very good.  I woke up just in time to get ready for the whale adventure.  It was pouring outside. Pouring! We had to walk over to Sea World in the deluge.  But it didn’t matter, we were about to get even wetter in the whale tank.  They dressed us in wet suits (which do nothing to keep out the cold), and off to the whale encounter.  We sat down on the edge of the pool (in the 55 degree water).  Then we touched and played with Bandit the very large Beluga whale.  Then we were lucky enough to get into the tank with her. So the all over body temperature plumeted. But it was sooooo neat. Right in there with her. She came over and we did tricks. She is quite the show lady. She waved, and wagged her tail and splashed us.  Great time. All too soon the 30 minutes with Bandit were up. Bummer. I could have stayed there until hypothermia set in. Which really would not have been that much longer.  PRobably didn my cold a WORLD of good.
Sunday night we ate at Texas De Brazil. Always a treat. The food is just so good. And the guys that bring it sure look good!
Monday was a lazy morning. Packed up, shopped at little at Sea World, then the drive home. I slept through most of it. Except the stop at Firehouse subs. Love those subs.
Today my cold is much worse, so I brought home some work and I will work on that when I am not napping.
Talk to you later

One response to “Whales and Sharks

  1. Yaeh!  I got a comment.  Why are you slamming you husband about catching YOUR cold.  First of all, if he does catch it, it’s your fault because it’s YOUR cold.  Second, I know your husband and he’s a HE-MAN!  He wouldn’t let a little cold bring him down like YOU did.  Oh yeah.  YOUR cold took you all the way down to Bronchitisville. 
    So, who’s the man now??  Huh?  Who’s the man now?!?!?!?

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