Another Friday Night

Almost quitting time. Had to do some work from home today. Feeling very sick and with no air at the office, it was just awful. Ick.
Rains are coming in. I love to hear that thunder. Finally got to post the shark pictures from this past weekend.  I really loved that whole experience.  I’m coming back as a whale, or dolphin, or one of my dogs. They do have the life.  Right now they are both fast asleep on the couch.  I like it when they sleep. They behave.
Tonight there will be soup in my future. Was supposed to go to nephew’s birthday party tomorrow, but I am too sick. I will stay home and rest. Mom was going to come by to help me organize papers, but perhaps not. I don’t want to get her sick.
Well, I hope nothing REALLY exciting happens this weekend. But if it does, tune in Monday for an update.

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