Nothing new

Haven’t written in a while because life has been slow. Good for me. Bad for you readers out there.  Buster is doing well though. He likes to run and doesn’t seem to be as agressive.  When the neighbor’s dog charged at him over the weekend, he made a small lunge toward him (but who wouldn’t) and then stopped. He didn’t bark or growl. But the dog did come at us from around the house and scared me too.  My energy probably went to him.  I wish they would leash that dog.
Barry is now catching my cold.  The world as we know it will come to an end.  Hopefully he won’t have it as bad as I did. 
Sock gets her stiches out of her ear today.  I bet she will be happy about that.  Those things would annoy me.  They are all over her ear. 
I have made all the arrangements to go to Hawaii with mom and Barb.  I know they are going to love it.  Vacation of a lifetime.  Glad I saved up frequent flyer miles and Marriott rewards.  The hotel will be free for 4 nights. Excellent.
I received my Dinner for Two and movie tickets last night.  It is for Chilis or Macaroni Grill and Regal Cinemas.  I’m excited.  Date night this weekend is on me!  I’m a big spender.

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