School Violence

Barry FINALLY got his schools to sit down and listen and watch a video about the importance of being preapred and acting in the first 20 minutes of a school attack.  Today he is talking with the teachers at one school. Tomorrow his other school.  With what happened yesterday in CO, it is good they finally are listening to him.
Why must these things happen?  How awful for the children, teachers, and parents.  I can’t comprehend how they must be feeling.  It seems death is all around lately. I hate it.  I watched 20/20 last night. Was I the only one that couldn’t even see the screen through my sobs?  I felt so horrible for Terri Irwin.  What a loss she and her children have to deal with.  The world lost a great wildlife warrior, but she lost her best mate. 
I wish I could take away the pain for so many people right now.  So much pain. Make it go Away. I pray everyday that pain will ease.  I know God is Good all the time. It is the only thing that keeps me going right now.

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