Race for the Cure

We left for Orlando on Friday evening. Got into the hotel around 9:30pm. I really wanted to get to sleep early, but didn’t; just didn’t.
Saturday morning (or the middle of the night) at 5:00am it was time to get up and get ready to run!  We arrived at the Animal Kingdom around 6:00am. We met up with the team and began to prepare for the big race.  Around 7:00 they started to herd us up.  Becca’s group began the race at 7:15, our group (the run walkers) started at 7:20.  I was hoping to run more through the park, but it was behind the scenes. Still lots of fun though. I ran about 2 miles before I had to walk for a bit. Then it was a run/walk the rest of the way. We got back around 8:10. Not bad for an old woman.  They had a nice breakfast for us, good times chatting with everyone too.
Barry met up with a strange woman after the race.  She started talking to him about her digestive system. Just sortof came up…weird.  She was telling him that her husband lost weight by eating a salad after every meal. That by eating a salad after every meal it not only helped him loose weight, but it made him and her very regular.  She used to go only every other day or so, but not now…she goes every day now!  And NO, we didn’t know this woman. Never met her before, hope to not see her again. No, she wasn’t on our team either.  People scare me.
Sunday we came home and decorated for Halloween. Boy I love that night.

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