Ham and Turkey

So much going on. Where to begin.  This past weekend Thanksgiving was fantastic!  The pumpkin roll was a huge hit. If you want the recipe let me know.  Tons of turkey. Steph did a great job, even with a bum foot (get that looked at girl!).  Got to Penneys and picked up some ornaments. Then spent the rest of Friday cleaning.  That night we took the dogs out and I saw a shooting star! Excellent. 
Saturday went shopping with mom and got a lot done.  I am so ready to put up the train set this year. I got some great landscaping for the layout.  and  lot of new stuff.  I will be setting it up this coming weekend. It will probably take a few days to complete.  We put up all of my possible dreams santas on Sunday. Now we must work on the outside and the tree. That should be it.
Most all of the shopping is done. I will need to start wrapping soon. Cards to send out. cookies to bake.  I love this time of year.
Monday night Hubby and I went to see the Smother’s Brothers and Judy Collins.  Did I mention I can’t stand Judy Collins.  Her voice was never that great, but it got worse. Much worse.  It hurt to listen to. I noticed some people with their fingers in their ears.  We were happy when the Smothers brothers came out.  Barry has a very loud laugh and it was funny when the woman in front of us took out a pair of ear plugs as soon as Barry began laughing. HA.  I laughed harder.
Last night we went to see Marie Osmond. EXCELLENT. Now she can still sing. Lovely little voice. Sweet lady. Tons of kids. man, what a big family she has.  8 of her own, and her brothers have tons too. It was a lot of fun though.
Barry stayed home and had an interesting event.  He had left over turkey and ham for dinner. When he left the room to take a call (from me I might add). Well, when he hung up the phone, he heard a strange crunching noise coming from the kitchen. He proceeded toward the sound to investigate. He found Sock laying just outside the kitchen (a lookout he presumed) and buster in the kitchen, tupperware container that had been full of ham and turkey on the ground, and Buster was licking him lips, and maybe belching. He isn’t sure if that was the noise.  All, and I mean all, of the ham and turkey that was left (and it was quite a lot) was gone. Totally gone. History.  I have a feeling Buster is going to feel a little ill today.  I hope the office doesn’t feel the affects of the ham and turkey gluttony.
Clean up on isle 3 in the ardrey home!

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