Rough Day

I woke up at 4am with a raging headache today. I had a dream about the neighbors (the bad ones). Their dog came and was barking and beating at our door to annoy our dogs.  Then Buster tried to get out. I ran outside and yelled so hard at the stupid neighbor man my head was hurting.  So I woke up, gritting my teeth and my head was really hurting. I hate dreams that seem so real. 
The rest of the day wasn’t very good. So busy at work. Too much to do. Orders, new people, new projects, sharepoint, SQL, home users, remote users, ARGH!
It is time for annual reviews too. I have to try to remember everything I have done the past year. Don’t they know I don’t remember what I did last night? 
And what is so hard about my name?  Why must people keep calling me Audrey?  I”m not Audrey.  Never have been. Never will be. 
Tonight an extra long workout. Maybe that will help this headache.  Run and weight lift. I hope that helps.
Talk to you later.
Me…NOT Audrey.

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