What a lovely day! Almost

Got taken to lunch at Brio. It was very nice. Then I had the rest of the day off.  Went to the ATM with mom.  Here is where the "almost" comes in.  I took out money for her. Then we went to the grocery store.  Then we realized I didn’t take her debit card out of the ATM machine.  AGAIN. yes, I have done this before. I’m up to 3 times now.  I can’t stand it.  And people wonder if I am really blonde! Polish too folks! I got em both going for me.
Anyway, once I called the bank and cancelled her card and ordered a new one, we were on our way to wonderful again.  I got home to find a box from my sister. It had a tshirt for Buster.  Black and White with the word "KILLER" on it. Very funny. I laughed. Buster didn’t though.  It was too small for him too. I wish it would have fit. I would have enjoyed having him wear it on walks.  The neighbors are still treating us like dirt.  Whatever. It makes you realize who you need to keep.  There are some very special people in our lives. I thank God everyday for the people who stick by us, who know the truth. Who will love us no matter what.  They mean the world to me.
Next we went to see The Santa Clause 3. Not that great. But still it was nice to get out and see a movie. Did you know it is now $9.50 to see a stinking movie??? I think I will wait for rentals.
Then it was off to friends for a fantastic evening. Food, fun, gifts, laughter, I had a such a nice time.  Got great gifts too. I love it!
Then it was off to home, walking dogs and bed time.  Great day.

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