Christmas 2006

What a great Christmas! I received a ton of stuff for my kitchen. A new Food Processor, cook books, baking sheets, salad spinner, and so much more. I’m using some of the items already.
Everyone came over to our house for dinner. It was the craziest Christmas dinner ever.  It seemed so hectic.  But I loved every minute of it.  Everyone seemed to enjoy (hate) his/her own gift card puzzles.  Some considered taking a hammer to it to get to the gift cards.  Some actually did take hammers to them. Some threw them against the walls of a home (so I heard).  I so enjoy that.
Today I cleaned up a lot of old kitchen stuff to make room for the new stuff. We are going to have a yard sale next month.  How do we collect so much "stuff" in such a short time?
Nephew is here now trying to finish the installation of our new faucets.  Most everything that could go wrong…went wrong.  So sorry.  I hate it when that happens.
Lots of people have come by to view the train layout in the garage.  That makes me happy. 
Well, off to see how the faucets are coming. 

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