Bad breakfast

Hubby and I stopped for Breakfast before work today .
Anyway, I went in first, he was in his cop car signing in and stuff.  So I sat down near a table with 4 other deputies. I ordered drinks and then I heard the table start to make sounds and "oh SH##ts" while looking out the window.  I realized they were making this sounds and the "Oh CRaps" because the saw barry coming in.  Lets just say I wasn’t happy.  They don’t like my MAN! not good. Talk about a momma bear.  So barry came in said Howdy to the guys and shook all of their hands being his wonderuflly nice self.  He came over to our table and I said "SO YOU LIKE AND KNOW THESE GUYS?"  as loud as I could. He look dumbfounded and said "um, yeah, why?"  I replied…"well, I don’t think they like you, and I don’t think they knew I was your WIFE!"  I went on and on about their comments and disgusting attititudes. I’m sure I shouldn’t have told him because it upset him. But I was pissed. The men never said sorry, or even looked our way again.  It ruined our breakfast.
Anyway, after breakfast Hubby sent an email to the worst offender the loudest and most obnoxious idiot. Saying "And here I thought we were tight!"  He got immediate responses both email and phone calls. He didn’t answer. The guy was soooo sorry. So sorry. Please answer. I’m so sorry, it was just a joke. NO IT WASN’T
Anyway, hubby finally answered and let the guy grovel. He also made him call me. I didn’t say much. I just let him apologize and then I told him that you never know who is around you. Never talk bad about people. It ruined my breakfast and most of my morning.
I hate people.

One response to “Bad breakfast

  1. I read this over and over again and I’m not sure how to take the whole thing. Don’t think I would have told Barry, at least not right then, but knowing what it takes to get you to explode, I’m guessing you were pretty upset. I might have said something to the guys before or after the breakfast, maybe.  I just feel so bad for Barry! How can these "yahoos" not like Barry??!!Who in the world doesn’t like Barry!!!  Are we talking about the same Barry??  Your husband?? Good hearted, funny as all "getout", chatty, do anything for anyone, Barry?? Let’s plan a trip to tp their houses, fill up their cars with water,  light a doggie poo fire on their doorsteps, anything to teach them a lesson!!

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