Life is Odd

Life changes in a milisecond, quicker sometimes.  Sometimes for good, sometimes not so good. 
Anyway, I think my office is about 90% packed and ready for the move. I kinda look forward to moving, it helps me purge.  Hubby says he will finish the pan tray in the cabinet tonight. I said "Don’t lie to me. Don’t get my hopes up just to squash em"  He says he will really finish it.
I took care of some reservations for the Hawaii trip today. I got us seats at the Don Ho show. I also have to book a whale watching boat trip. I fixed the rooms to accomodate 4 people now that sister is coming.  I have to ensure we have the rental car.  I also have to check our seat assignments on the flights.  That should just about take care of it all.
Hawaii here we come!

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