Busy Busy Busy weekend

Saturday I went to the sanctuary with a friend. We saw some Anhingas, Yellow-Crowned night herons, Little Green Herons, Raccoon, Squirrels, Cat birds, Palm Warblers, downy woodpeckers, red-bellied woodpeckers, and many other birds. It was a nice cool morning and we enjoyed ourselves. 
We had lunch at Perkins and after that it was off to visit my mom. I got home around 3pm. Barry and I went to pick up his car from the shop then stopped at Sams.  We only needed candy and dog treats, but somehow the bill was over $150…way over. How do we do that???
Then it was off to the german neighbors for a GREAT dinner. They are such good cooks and great friends. They adopted the 2 dogs they found behind WalMart. The cutest things.  So loving. So happy.  They know how lucky they are.  Max and Minnie Me.  Cute cute dogs. I will post pictures tomorrow.
Sunday was another busy day. We took a long walk, had breakfast then I went off to give a driving lesson to a friend.  She will take her test tomorrow. I know she is ready.
We worked around the house and YES the pull out Trays are in! and full. So the kitchen counter doesn’t look like a mess.
And now here we are back to work. I am unpacking and getting settled in my temporary office.

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