Busy Weekend

Work ended with a thud on Friday. The new copier is getting returned. That is all I will say about that.
But the weekend was great.  Saturday, mom and I went shopping.  I got a lot of new clothes for the Hawaii trip. Then Barry and I went to dinner at Joeys with an old friend. I love the pizza at Joeys.  After dinner we went to Best Buy so I could get a new digital camera.  Mine are all very large SLR cameras and I wanted a nice compact one to take to Hawaii.  I had $75 worth of Rewards, which really helped the price. I got a great Nikon Coolpix for $175. 7mega pixels. Excellent.  I will put the test pictures I took with it on this site.  So far, I love this camera.
Sunday we worked hard.  I got all the drawers in the bedroom and closet cleaned out and organized.  We can now get rid of the dresser. We want to put a small chair in the bedroom so we can read.  Barry finished putting in all the drawers (or trays) in the kitchen cabinets. He also got down all the christmas lights. We replaced bulbs in all the burned out lamps, I fed all the birds, cleaned out the bird feeders, and did some general cleaning around the house.
Next weekend we are going to the county fair so we won’t get to storage until a couple of weeks.  But we are getting there!

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