King of Hearts

So hubby went to cardiologist yesterday for stress test and then they put this harness on him to test his heart for 24 hours. Here is our conversation last night about the visit:
Me: "What did the doctor say about your heart"
Him: "Nothing much"
Me: "what was the test like?"
Him: "I had to drink water and walk on  a treadmill until I couldn’t walk anymore, then they gave me a shot and I walked for 1 minute longer, then I was done"
Me: "When do you find out the results of the test."
Him: "they said the doctor would call me."
Me: "when?"
Him: "I don’t know, tomorrow, next week? How would I know?"
Me: "you would ask them"
Him: "yes, I guess I could have done that."
Me: "could you do that tomorrow when you go back for them to remove the harness?"
Him: "If I remember"
What more is there to say?
And yet, there is more…he gets home last night and I ask "When will you find out the results"
Him: "The doctor will call me"
Me: "when?"
Him: "How should I know?"
Me: "you could have asked?"
Him: "She wouldn’t have known when the doctor will call me."
Me: "how would you know that unless you ask?"
nuff said

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