The Handwriting is on the Curb

Tourons strike again!  Ok, here is the story and I am stiking to it.  Sunday afternoon Hubby and I were cleaning out the storage unit. He left with a bunch of stuff in the SUV and drove home while I kept cleaning. He was going to drop it off and be right back. When he came back he had a story for me.
Across from our house a new curb was poured about 4 days ago.  I remember when I saw it I thought about putting my name in it, or maybe a dog print.  Wet cement just cries to be written in! Barry got hom to find a couple of our neighbors over by the new curb (which was dry by this time). He rolled down the window and jokingly said "Hey, don’t mess with that new curb you will tick off the neighbors"  Well, the 2 neighbors came over to the car and said "Wait until you hear this! We just had a visit from a neighbor (older woman) who was very upset. She said she saw our son deface the curb and put his name in it! She has pictures! With her $5,000 camera! They have raised a hoodlum! Evil people!  She was going to turn them in, sue them, jail the hoodlum! blah blah blah.  We could not believe it.  Hubby told them, leave it be. They were there trying to sand down the little tiny signatures of the kids in the neighborhood.  They kept sanding.
So hubby picks me up and when we get home we find 20 kids and parents all trying to remove the little tiny names of the kids in the hood. Those hoodlums!  They actually took a tiny stick and carved a few initials and names into wet cement.  WHO HASN’T DONE THIS OR WANTED TO DO THIS AS A CHILD????"
Anyway, at least the parents weren’t angry with the kids.  They turned it into a block party and had ice cream and roller skated.  Kids are kids. They didn’t rob you, egg you, TP your house, didn’t cause any structural integrity problems with the curb, leave them alone. Your precious Naples, FL can stand to have a little fun now and again. How sad it must be to let those types of things bother you. Wonder what they do when something really big happens.

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