Time to get excited

I have been trying very hard to not get too excited about my upcoming vacation.  I love the place I am going to sooo much I would type and type and type and you all would stop reading.  But it is time. I AM GOING TO HAWAII!!!!!!
Ok. Breathe. I’m ok. I’m ok.  I’M GOING TO HAWAII!!!!
I’m back. We leave in less than 2 weeks. I’m going with my mom and sisters.  It will be a trip of a lifetime.  I have been twice before and it is absolutely my favorite place I have ever been.  The waterfalls, flowers, moutains, ocean, whales! Everything is beyond beautiful.  I hope to blog while I am there, but I have hoped to blog while on other vacations and never seem to get to it. But I know there will be naps by siblings and mom and perhaps I can post pictures and blog then.  We shall see.
Thanks for letting me get all excited. I’ll try not to only talk about that.

One response to “Time to get excited

  1. we need to talk about your trip – my hubby and I are going next January and I want to know everything!!!

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