My Dog Has Hives!

Did you sing that title? You should. Just like you are tuning your guitar.  So, I had to take Buster Boy to the vet today because he had lumps all over his back. Turns out it is an allergy and those are the hives.  Dogs don’t get hives!  Real dogs anyway.  German Shepards, Bull Mastifs, Doberman Pinchers, Pit Bulls, Boxers, don’t get hives!  I can picture cats with hives. They are more delicate, they could be allergic.  My dog has allergies. Great. So, $120 later, I have to give him Benedryl, antibiotics (the hives are infected already), and oatmeal bathes. The oatmeal bath he will love. Especially if I combine it with a pedicure, and a massage.  That would be a great day for Buster Boy.  He is just the kind of dog/cat that loves to be pampered. 
Now we need to find out what caused the hives.  I have a bad feeling it was the cleaning lady. She cleaned Wed. and he got the hives that night.  You see, I don’t clean. There I said it. I don’t clean. I hate it. Despise it.  So we got a cleaning lady. She is fantastic. Love her. If Buster is allergic to what she uses to clean and we have to go back to filthy living I will be heartbroken.  But I don’t want him to have hives. Sigh. Maybe she can change what she uses to clean the floor? I hope. Sigh.
Ok, one more little thing from today. Of course it is another dog story.  This morning the dogs where chasing a squirell around the lanai. He was on top of the screen, they were on the ground looking up at him/her and running around the pool like crazy.  The squirell was teasing them. He would run to the left, to the right, up and down the screen. The dogs would run left, right, and attempt to climb the screen. Again I say to your Buster…You Are Not a Cat!  Well, during Sock’s exuberence to get the squirel, she failed to notice the pool. Yes, the large big blue thing filled with water. Plop! And now welcome into the house a cold, wet dog at 7:45 am. Great.  She looked at me like it was my fault too!  I just put that there Sock. We never had a pool before. Brand New. Yep. That was all my fault.
There really is never a dull moment in our house. I love that.

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