Wonderful Weekend. Loved every minute of it. It was sunny, but not too hot. It was fun. The only problem with it is that it was too short.  Friday night we went to Bass Pro Shop. Trying to find hiking sticks for Barry. Bass didn’t have any. I will have to get them online.  Then Saturday I went shopping with mom for some last-minute Hawaii things and a few groceries.  Barry went for his hike.  Saturday evening we had dinner with some great friends.  We ended the evening with a trip to Target. I got more organization stuff. I love being organized.  Sunday we got up and went for a bike ride.  All over the industrial park. Then we stopped at Gina’s for breakfast and rode some more.  It was so nice out when we got home that I started working in the yard. We trimmed the oak tree out front of the dead branches and it looks so nice.  Then we jumped in a very cold pool (but it was great). After that it was sitting on the bench out front (that I have refinished) and drank wine/beer and watched the wildlife. While we were outside, a few neighbors stopped by and we talked and laughed and had a nice time.  The neighbors told us about a great pizza place in Golden Gate called Paradise Pizza so of course by the time we were done with the conversation we REALLY wanted pizza.  We ordered the BBQ chicken and bacon pizza. Very good.  We ended the evening watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition and cried our eyes out. That show always seems to make us cry.
Now we are back to work and dealing with the stikin DST change that came early. I’m very tired today.

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