The Luck of the Not-so-Irish

After all the doctor’s visits and tests on his heart, today was the day to get all the results. I went with him this time. I wasn’t going to go through one of "those" conversations again. You know the ones. If you forgot, go back and read those blogs again.
Dr. Santos is very nice and seems to know his stuff. He told us that the Stress Test showed an abnormality in hubby’s heart.  My heart immediately sunk and I felt ill. I didn’t expect that news. But, "It is ok" I said to myself. He is young and working out, and eating right. It can’t be too bad. And it really isn’t. The doctor told us there is a moderate possibility that hubby’s heart has a blockage. To know for sure, he must schedule him for a cardiac catheterization. If there is a blockage, they will stint it at the time of the procedure. Now here is the "luck of the not-so-Irish" part. He wouldn’t be able to hike the volcano unless they do this procedure relatively soon. However, I leave for my Hawaii vacation on Tuesday and I will be gone 8 days.  But they need to do his procedure in the next week so he can recover (if necessary) for the hike. He scheduled it for Monday. But I leave on Tuesday. I really don’t want to go when hubby may be in the hospital. But he made me promise I would still go. If they have to put a stint in, then he has to be in the hospital for a couple of days. But he wants me to still get on a plane on Tuesday. Oh man. I know they do these procedures all the time, but not on my hubby. At this point, I can only put it all in God’s hands.  I can’t control this. I can’t fix it. I can’t do anything but pray.

One response to “The Luck of the Not-so-Irish

  1. I can only imagine how freaked out you are. Hawaii and hubby in the hospital during the same week!!! It’s like getting a bowl of ice cream with turpintine poured on top. The good (Hawaii), the bad (hubby in the hospital) and the ugly (hubby in the hospital and you in Hawaii!). Again, practice that breathing thing…in…out….in….out….
    Tell Barry how much we all love him and to not drive the nurses crazy and to do what the Dr. tells him to do!!!

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