Things I didn’t have time to write

My denim jacket was lost at the airport on Kuai.  I never thought I would see it again. However, when we went back to the airport, Kathy checked "lost and found" and it was FOUND!  Exciting for me. 
There are thousands of random chickens on Kuai.  There were not that many when we were there before. There were some, but not this many. They are in WalMart’s parking lot, the sides of every road, in yards, poolside, beach, I guess they liked vacationing there and now they stay. Cute little chicks abound.  You have to drive very slow all the time to avoid hitting them.
The food was fantastic everyday. Every resaurant we tried was wonderful. From pizza to Kalua Pig, everything was the best we had ever had. Could it be the location? Perhaps, but whatever it was, I want it again.
We had several lazy days by the pool and beach. It was heavenly.  Having someone bring you drinks and food poolside is the best idea ever.  Both hotels had fabulous views, wonderful atmosphere, and great service.  This didn’t help when it was time to leave. Makes it that much harder to drive away.  BYE Sign on the side of the road! Bye chickens! Bye Golf Balls!  Sigh.  I want to go back.
Jet lag has set in. Slept great last night and hoping I can stay awake until around 9pm tonight.  Lets hope for the best.  I’m sure I will think of more items about the trip and when I do, you will be the first to hear about it.

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