The Hike Begins

He called around 4pm and said they were just at the start of the trail beginning the hike. It is pouring rain there and cold. It probably will rain the whole hike. Thanks to a GOOD FRIEND who gave us zip lock bags. All his change-of-clothes are in zip lock bags and will be nice and dry when he changes. However, they will get wet fast, but for that first moment, it will feel nice. Thank you again good friend.  You know who you are.
He will call when they stop for the night. It will probably be around 2am here. But I want to know how far they made it today. I will post it tomorrow for you all to read. 
I hope he remembered to get the 2 budweiser cans before they left. He is supposed to get a picture of himself with a can of beer. Only Barry.

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