Random Things

I like helping friends. I just wish some friends had a better support system at home. I can’t change that though.
My dogs are strange. There is no 12 step program to fix that.  Maybe I need to start one.
I am now addicted to making jewelry. Not good for the pocket book. But so much fun.
Why is it so hard to find a china cabinet these days. It is like they have gone out of style.
Is it ok that when asked about my "future goals" it is "to become a lady of leisure"?
Ann and Paige arrive in 5 weeks.
Answering those "find out more about you emails" are fun. Am I the only one that thinks so?
I really need to get a video of my dog getting a beer out of the fridge.
I really need to get a new Coach wallet.
I have more energy now that I drink the Mona Vie Juice. I think I will keep on drinking it.
I really must stop typing "I really"  HA. ok, chat later.

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