Time to close the books

We have waited almost one year for closure on the dog bite. Buster has had no aggressions and plays with many dogs in the neighborhood and at the dog park.  It was an isolated incident and we are now choosing to walk him anywhere in the neighborhood we desire.  He is on a leash and well-heeled.  I don’t believe the owner of the greyhound appreciates it, but she must find a way to stop being so nervous while walking her dogs.  That is not how a pack leader operates. 
Now it is time to close the outstanding claim on our insurance.  It has been a year. We have been cancelled by Allstate. I’m sure not for this incident, they have cancelled everyone I know that had them. Don’t expect us to keep the car insurance through you. I hope they go out of business. It serves them right. 
Anyway, my "secret" for today. They have settled the dog bite case and we will be reimbursed for all the surgeries next week. They will be calm and assertive greyhound owners and not freak when they see us walking our dogs.  Buster is a good and happy dog in a well-adjusted pack and we are his alpha dogs.  The neighbors next door are moving (in the blue house).  Again, this is my "secret".  What you believe will come to you.  I believe. I believe. I know it is silly, but I believe. (miracle on Vintage lane).  heehee
UPDATE:  Perhaps there is a loophole in "the Secret". A friend believed that her car was fixed. Twice. It is on a tow truck as I type.  What am I missing?  Darn secrets.

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