Broken Answering Husband

Does anyone know where you can take Answering Husbands to get fixed. Apparently mine is broken.  Perhaps others have had this same problem and can tell me how to fix it myself.  Here is what happened over the weekend:
On Saturday afternoon the phone rang and the answer machine (not husband) announces the call (we have a talking caller ID). It says "Call from Wagner, Dale". "Cool" I say to myself, it is Annie my friend! YEA! While the phone is ringing and the machine announcing it is her, my husband says "OH, did I tell you Annie called this morning and wanted you to call her?" "NO" I reply a little lounder than I should.
I answer the phone and apologize to my friend for not calling her back. She says "He didn’t tell you I called?? We talked for about 15 minutes?" I gave him a message to give you I guess he didn’t give you that either." Nope, no message. I hear the hubby in the background saying "OH yeah, I was supposed to tell you something too."  Ok. The message was that another fried of Annie’s works with someone that lives in our old house/apartment in Pittsburgh. Our first apartment together. It was really the first floor of a house. I loved that place.  Two rooms, but lots of memories.  The old neighbors are still there and said HI. I wonder if they still have the cat they got when we lived there. Hoss. Cute cat. Loved our dog. They ran around after each other all the time.
Next problem with the Answering Husband came on Sunday.  I was with mom early in the day and as I was leaving the phone rang. It was my sister Kathy. Mom asked if I wanted to talk to her and I said "No, I will talk with her later."  Shortly after I got home the phone rang and the answering machine announces "Call from Kuester, Kathy." My sister. Husband yelss over the ringing and announcing "Did I tell you Kathy called you yesterday and wanted you to call her!" "NO" Now MUCH louder than it should be.  "hello?" I answer quite tentatively knowing I must be in trouble now.  "Are you mad at me??? why didn’t you call me??"  She doesn’t sound too pleased with me and who can blame her. "Sorry, he JUST told me you called me yesterday." I reply apologetically.  "Tell him to give you the message I gave him." 
"Honey (a little too sweetly) can you please give me the message Kathy gave you?"  I ask. "Message? she gave me a message?" Kathy hears this question and tells me "Yes, I gave him a message and I asked him if he needed to write it down and he said NOOooooo, I will remember that. No worries."  OY. 
Anyway, I need to fix or replace my "Answering Husband"  Any thoughts?

One response to “Broken Answering Husband

  1. Oh you betcha I have a comment!! I think my husband went to the same "answering" school as yours!! Not only did I get the "did I tell you so and so called?", but I also get this conversation.  I say – "gee, I wonder why the nursery guy didn’t call me back from 3-4 days ago?". He says, "Oh, by the way – I think he called back". I say "you THINK he called back?" He says "well, some guy called and said he was returning your call". I say "great…now he thinks I didn’t call him back! What’s his number?" Husband says "I didn’t get his number." I say "(sigh) OK, what’s his name?" Husband says (like HE’S aggravated) "How should I know!!". So I’m left to scroll through the caller ID, call the nursery and ask to speak to whoever it was who called me! The solution to this problem??? Don’t allow them to touch the phone…..EVER! Let voice mail get it.

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