TechEd 2007

Made it to Orlando Saturday night for Microsoft Tech-ed 2007. Was really looking forward to this.  Then all heck broke loose.
Saturday night we went to the restaurant downstairs at the hotel.  I had a chicken ceaser salad.  Barry had a burger.  I had a couple of bites of his burger too.  Sunday morning we went over to the convention center to register.  I for my backpack and books.  Then we stopped into Microsoft store. I had to get myself a fleece jacket because I was so very cold.  For those of you reading this that know me, you know all about my "personal summers".  I don’t get cold. But I was freezing. 
We only stayed a couple of hours at the convention center, then we got on our bus back to the hotel.  During the ride back to the hotel, I started to feel sick. I was getting really queasy.  By the time we got back to the hotel only 10 minutes later, I was really sick.  All afternoon I was purging in every way I could.  I was so sick I was begging Barry to get me home or to a hospital. But I couldn’t get into the car because I couldn’t walk or even make the ride to the hospital without needing to purge.  He was going to get me an ambulance, but I told him no. I wanted to see how I would feel once I purged it all.  Somewhere around 8:pm I was a little better.  At this point, I’m not great, but much improved.  I only have a couple of hours until my first class, I hope I make it.

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