Barry went to the Trade Show yesterday to try to win prizes.  In order to win the prizes, you had to wear different vendor’s badges, hats, antlers (yes, you read right), flashing pins, Tshirts, stickers, and much more. He put it all on. Everything, Antlers and all.  He won nothing.  So when we got back to the room, he said "I need to De-Geek before we can leave here." I found that funny. He needed to take off all those buttons, stickers, antlers, and hats.  He looked so silly. I have pictures. I will post them later.
My classes yesterday were great. Saw lots of new things that may help us do work a little easier in IT.
Then it was off to the Party at Islands Of Adventure.  The rain was just starting when we arrived at the back gate.  The first thing we did was run to Fire and Ice.  We were able to get the first row on Ice so we took it first!  EXCELLENT! Very scary. Front row is the best. To honor a friend, we immediately rode Fire (we would not normall do that as we get sick riding twice). Fire wasn’t as much fun especially since we couldn’t get front row.  Barry felt quite icky when we were done, but it was still a great ride.  The lightning started just as we finished and they were closing a lot of rides.  We decided it was a great time to eat and drink. And boy did we. There were churros, chicken, pizza, chinese, funnel cake, burger, fries, and ice cream in our bellies by the night’s end.  So sick.  But so loving it.
The river raft ride was drenching, but fun. We got to ride twice without getting off and going back in line.  Then it was off to the log flume, also excellent.  Spiderman had a 60 minute wait and no fast passes available. Barry was still a little sick, so we passed on him. Sigh.  But a great time was still had by all!
Today is the last day for classes and then it is off to Sea World tonight. My friends arrive tomorrow and I have some vacation scheduled for next week. Does life get any better???? I think not.

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