Discovery Cove

Sunday we went to Discovery Cove and it was a fantastic time!  The best trip ever.  We had our dolphin swim at 11:30am.  We decided to have breakfast first then snorkle the coral reef.  Excellent fish in the reef, they were so colorful and bright.  After the reef, we took a cruise down the lazy river and relaxed.  Then it was time for our dolphin swim.  We had one of the biggest dolphins in the place! He was 650lbs and his name is Akai.  So nice. He seemed to love the attention. We all got to kiss him and hug him and play with him.  Then we swam with him. What an experience. Fantastic!
After the swim we had some lunch. Then there was the bird feeding, more lazy river, more snorkling, then it was time to come home.  We got home around 7:30 so there was time to relax. Or so we thought.  I started noticing Sock’s face was not quite right somewhere around 9:00pm.  It was swollen to twice it’s size and her eyes were almost swollen shut.  That wasn’t good. So it was off to the emergency vet for a shot and pills.  She had an allergic reaction to something, but we may never know what.  They gave her some steriods and benedryl and she is doing much better today.
Monday was a day of shopping and swimming for Miranda and Paige.  My mom and our neighbors came over last night for a great cookout. Fantastic food. Loved it!  Today it is back to work for me.  But I will take some half days later this week. 

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