Friends are Friends for life

Annie and Paige left for home today. I miss them already. sigh.  We were so busy that I never had much time to update the blog.  Monday we went shopping at the mall, swimming, and we checked in on Tipsy.  Ann, Paige, and Miranda were quite surprised that we were getting a new kitty. But they were thrilled!  The vet told us that her surgery would be the next day and we could take Tipsy home on Thursday.
Dinner was a cookout of kabobs.  Excellent.  Tuesday I went into work, and Ann cleaned and cooked all day. I left work around 3:30 and stopped to get my mom. She came over and we all played Mah Johng. A lot of fun.  My brother and his wife came over for dinner. Ann had made fish, rice, and corn on the cob.  It was wonderful.
Wednesday we went up to The Shell Factory and saw all the wonderful animals at the Nature Center there.  It was about 100 in the shade, so we didn’t stay out long.  Inside, Ann, Paige, and Miranda all picked oysters and got fantastic pearls.  Ann’s pearl was a bright coral color. Paige got  a pink pearl, and Miranda’s was a black/gold shade. All of them were so beautiful.  I loved them all.  It was a great day.
Thursday we waited most of the day for the air conditioning repair people to fix the air.  By the way, this is the new $8,000 air conditioner we had installed about 3 weeks ago. And also, it STILL isn’t fixed.  Today is Saturday. Great.
We had time to go to the beach and Tin City after the air conditioner repairperson DIDN"T fix the air conditioner.  It was a lovely day.
Friday we went to the beach. The weather was so fantastic.  We just floated in the water and enjoyed the waves. 
Dinner was CiCis pizza. It was absolutely packed! Holy cow!  After dinner we went for ice cream at Cold Stone. It started to pour which damped our trip to the beach for a sunset, but not our spirits.  We played games back at the house instead.  Lots of fun.
Today was the last day.  Since Paige was such a fantastic help with Tipsy since we brought her home on Thursday, we took her shopping. She loved it.  They are now on a plane to Pittsburgh and should arrive home at 11pm.  Sigh. Double Sigh.  I miss them. 
Back to reality.  Back to work.

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