Floors in and the cat is back!

Mom let us have Tipsy back last night. I picked her up after work. Yea! I am so happy to have her again. She is so cute.  Runs around like a maniac though.
The flooring guys were fast and good. The room is amazing.  Now our work begins again. We have to put everything back into the closets! That is a lot. And, of course, this project makes us want to tackle others. Hubby wants to put a closet organizer into his closet. Before we can do that, we have to clean and paint his closet.  So his clothes are all over the guest room and will stay there for a while.  He is supposed to be putting all the closet organizers into our walk-in closet today. So tonight I maybe can start putting things back into that closet.  Until then, I have to wear the same 3 outfits to work. 
The air still doesn’t work. Carrier is now involved.  They are coming down tomorrow. I said to them "GETITOUT" "GETITOUT" "GETITOUT"  We shall wait for their response.

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